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Made in 1753 by sculptor Giuseppe Smmartino, it is one of the best known and most visited works in the world.

The uniqueness of this statue lies in its impressive ability to create the illusion of a transparent veil covering Christ's body, giving the work an appearance of great realism and mystery.

The "Veiled Christ" sculpture represents the body of Christ at rest, lying as if after death, wrapped in a shroud. His serene, calm expression and incredibly precise anatomical details give the work a timeless beauty. The veil, with its apparent transparency, almost seems to float above the body, at the same time revealing Christ's features and wounds.

The "Veiled Christ" is located inside the Sansevero Chapel, a historic church located in the center of Naples, a short walk from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. This chapel was commissioned by Prince Raimondo di Sangro, who was a patron of the arts and a man of great culture and ingenuity. He wanted to create a unique environment in which to display his works of art, including sculptures and paintings executed by important artists of the time.

The Sansevero Chapel is an extraordinary example of Baroque art, and the "Veiled Christ" is its most precious gem. The church also offers other valuable works of art, including "Disenchantment" and "Modesty" by Sanmartino himself, and "Disenchantment" by Francesco Queirolo.

A visit to the "Veiled Christ" and the Sansevero Chapel is a unique and fascinating experience for art and history lovers. The atmosphere of the chapel, with its soft light and the aura of mystery surrounding the work, makes the moment of the visit an unforgettable occasion. The sculpture of the "Veiled Christ" is so realistic that it often leaves visitors speechless, enchanted by its beauty and the extraordinary talent of the artist who created It

The Sansevero Chapel is one of the most important cultural sites in Naples and is definitely worth a visit during your stay in the city. Its combination of art, history and mystery makes it a unique and unrepeatable attraction that will continue to inspire admiration and wonder in anyone who visits it.

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Today we are going to present a typical dish of the culture of the south, specifically of the kingdom of the two Sicilies, the spaghetti alla Santa Lucia revised according to the Antica Osteria Pisano. Originally the dish is presented with true octopus, also called luciana, with oil tomatoes and black olives. The Antica Osteria Pisano revisits the dish in a more "light" with Mediterranean shrimps, mussels, clams and a piece of filleted bass, all seasoned with cherry tomatoes, garlic, oil and parsley. First and second course together for a recipe with a sea flavor.

Recipe for 2 people:

250 gr of Spaghettoni/Scialatielli

200 grams of Sea bass

100 grams of clams

100 grams of mussels

80 grams of shrimps

1 clove of garlic

3-4 cherry tomatoes of piennol

q. b parsley

q. b extra virgin olive oil

q. b sale

Blend everything with half a glass of white wine, to enhance the flavor of the fish.

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