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Exactly in 1946, while Naples, still in full swing after the war, about 500 meters away from Via Pietro Colletta, home of the historic pizzeria, Carmine Pisano, taking the reins of his father's profession,  he sensed that the way to do business was to intercept the flow of people, locals, tourists, professionals and students returning from Spaccanapoli towards the central station in Piazza Garibaldi. The offer was simple, wines and cuisine, bulk wine, Gragnano and Vesuvius wines. The wine was accompanied by some hot dishes of the most popular Neapolitan tradition: pasta and beans, cod, sautéed soup, minestrone, peppers, broccoli, just to "bear" (hold) the wine, and, in the morning, or after lunch, yes he consumed 'or tenth' and marsala or vermùt ". Today the restaurant is managed by the sons Gennaro and Concetta (Titina), both with a strong creativity and imagination, who renovated the restaurant in 2019, combining a traditional and innovative style both in the kitchen and in the furnishings.

The Osteria Pisano in the 70s forge of wines and traditional dishes in Forcella

Antica Osteria Pisano today, after the expansion and change of look in 2019

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