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Smoked salmon and honey hazelnut

Salmon is a dish always present in the course of Greek and Roman history and culture. It is not by chance that the current city of Naples (ancient Neapolis) suffers much of this influence, especially in the area of the current historic center. Also for this reason salmon is often used in Neapolitan cuisine in the most varied ways, as a simple appetizer, as a first course for the most greedy or as an excellent main course.

At the Antica Osteria Pisano one of the simplest appetizers but at the same time tasty is the honey-flavoured hazelnut salmon. A perfect mix of flavors that combine with each other, the smoke and flavor of salmon and the sweet taste of honey millefiori, allow you to enhance the taste of the salmon itself, finished with a grain of hazelnuts and a hint of glaze of balsamic vinegar.

A simple and tasty appetizer, perfect both in winter and in summer as it is served at room temperature. And for the most greedy the must have is to enjoy it accompanied by a slice of Neapolitan bread or the so-called "cuzzetiello".

Receipt for 2 persons

  • 150/ 200 gr Norwegian smoked salmon

  • oil just enough

  • 1 tablespoon and a half of honey millefiori

  • hazelnut grains just enough

  • balsamic vinegar glaze (if you want)

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